Coming Soon: Bagged Lunch Service (Pilot)

        In speaking with parents/guardians over the years, one of the things that we have consistently been told, is how challenging they find packing lunches for their family everyday. Aside from the added time consumed in an already busy day, there are a number of other issues that they encounter. Providing diversity from day to day while staying on a budget and avoiding food waste can be difficult; and, even when cafeteria lunches are available, parents/guardians do not always have control over the choices their children make. To help solve this problem, Little Geniuses Day Care Centre Inc. is going to provide a bagged lunch service (including a beverage and snacks) to our families.

Phase 1

Given that we are not able to offer the meal program at our Main Street location that we are able to offer at our Royal Parkway location, we will offer this new service to our Main Street families first. Each month parents/guardians will be given an order form that is to be completed by an assigned date. On the order form, parents/guardians will have the option of selecting one item out of two from each of the following categories: Meat and Alternatives & Grains; Vegetables and Fruit; Milk and Alternatives; Beverages; and, Miscellaneous. Although “treats/snacks” will be incorporated, all lunches and snacks will be prepared in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. The bagged lunches will be prepared and packed in our licensed kitchen at Royal Parkway, and delivered directly to your child. The service will be offered on Wednesdays, as well as from Monday to Friday on pre-planned school closure days (e.g., Christmas and March Break, PD Days, Summer Camps, etc.).

Phase 2

          If there is sufficient interest, Little Geniuses Day Care Centre Inc. intends to expand this service by offering it to all of our families (including siblings and parents/guardians). The service would be offered from Tuesday to Friday. The bagged lunch would be prepared and packed in our licensed kitchen, and available for parents/guardians when they came to pick up their child the day before.

The cost of the service is $5.00/day, and parents/guardians have the option of choosing as many days as they desire. Once the order form is received, parents/guardians will be issued an invoice for the month, and are to pay this fee by cheques, cash, or Interact e-Transfers no later than 1 week after receiving the invoice.

If you are interested in the service, please email “Order From” in the subject line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pending approval by the Health Protection Branch